Ryuta Arisaka's Notes

Interests in : Predicate Gradual Logic (on the foundation of Cognitive Logic), 2014-2016; Warsaw; Ukraine

Other interests: Argumentation; Logic in general

Best paper award for "Numerical Abstract Persuasion Argumentation for Expressing Concurrent Multi-Agent Negotiations", Ryuta Arisaka and Takayuki Ito, ACAN2019@IJCAI2019, 2019

Best paper award for "Semantics of Opinion Transitions for Multi-Agent Forum Argumentation", Ryuta Arisaka and Takayuki Ito, PRICAI(1)2019 pp 688-703, 2019



Abstract Argumentation / Persuasion / Dynamics, PRIMA 2018: 331-343

1. Definition 3, on the 3rd line. {a2 \in A_1 \mid ....} (in the paper)

    -> {a2 \in A \mid ...} (correct)